FRIENDS OF THE IBA’s 6th annual 


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May 14th & 15th – Washington County Fair Grounds




SEE Exciting NEW Live Bird of Prey programs and “free-flight” demos starring some of our most majestic raptors!

LEARN about endangered Short-eared Owls, threatened Northern Harriers, Bald Eagles, Ospreys, Snowy Owls, American Kestrels and many other owls, hawks and falcons!!

MEET the raptors up close in the Exhibitor Barn where you can take pictures and talk to the educators.

Horse-drawn sleigh/wagon rides, activities for kids, local food vendors and more round out this fun and exciting weekend where raptors rule!   ADMISSION FEE: $10 Adult, $5 Child – see Schedule of Events  for details…

*minimum donation applies;  visit: for details

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Friends of the Washington County Grasslands IBA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit working to protect endangered Short-eared Owls and other threatened and at risk birds of the Washington County Grasslands Important Bird Area (IBA).

We work with willing landowners, local residents, communities and government agencies to conserve critical habitat in the IBA and ensure our efforts benefit local communities.  A planned Grassland Bird Interpretive Center will expand educational and recreational opportunities for youth and adults and boost eco-tourism to the region.

Special thanks to the Town of Fort Edward!

click here to learn more about the birds and our work to conserve this unique habitat and our goals for the future…

photo above: American Kestrel at WRF 2013, courtesy Cliff Oliver

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About the Washington County Grasslands Important Bird Area 

The Washington County Grasslands Important Bird Area, or IBA, is “critical” to the survival of Short-eared Owls in New York State.  The area also provides important habitat for almost a dozen other threatened, at risk and rapidly declining bird species, including Northern Harriers, Upland Sandpipers, American Kestrels, Horned Larks, Eastern Meadowlarks and Grasshopper Sparrows more…

Birds in Peril…

Short-eared Owls are one of the few owl species active during daylight hours. In winter, they often gather in small flocks around dusk, swooping over and under each other and exchanging sharp, yip-like cries before flying off to hunt.
Short-eared Owls nest and roost on the ground, although you can often find them roosting on fence posts or hay bales. Look for these endearing owls around dusk and dawn. Keep a respectful distance and you’ll be rewarded with great views and photo ops, as well as an experience you’ll always treasure!
Status: Endangered

Northern Harriers Like the Short-eareds, these slender raptors hunt on the wing, coursing low over the fields as they hunt for food. They can cover over 100 miles a day in their search for the mice and voles that are their usual prey! The beautiful grey plumage and clean white underside of the male has earned him the nickname “Grey Ghost” (see photo at left).
Both the male and the larger mottled brown female sport an owl-like facial disk of feathers and a prominent white rump patch. Unlike most raptors, these birds nest on the ground, making them more vulnerable to human disturbance and predators. 
Status: Threatened

View other threatened and at-risk birds that breed in the Washington County Grasslands IBA.

Visit Friends of the IBA’s new website to learn more about us, the birds and this unique habitat…

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FIBA's Interview on Look Today!

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FIBA Closes on Loftus property

Loftus-Ceremony-Jerry-NOHA_W-11-2014 Jerry-Joanne-Loftus-Gre-Laurie_CO_9373 Thanks to the generosity of Gerald and Joanne Loftus Friends of the IBA has conserved 14 acres of critical habitat in the heart of the Washington County Grasslands Important Bird Area for our endangered and at risk birds! The parcel supports several at risk grassland bird species and is a favorite hangout for wintering Snowy Owls and Rough-legged Hawks. More info...

FIBA Receives $20,000 Grant

Snowy-Owl-GE_021714_1 Friends of the Washington County Grasslands IBA (Important Bird Area) received a terrific gift just in time for the holidays – a $20,000 grant from the Alfred Z. Solomon Charitable Trust for the creation of the Alfred Z. Solomon Grassland Bird Viewing Area! Friends of the IBA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Fort Edward and Whitehall. More info...

"Land for Owls" Donation Cards

Donationcards Find Friends of the IBA's Donation Cards at Glens Falls National Bank in Fort Edward and Healthy Living Market in March! More info...

Watchable Wildlife Calendar

2105CalCover Order your 2015 Watchable Wildlife Calendar today and help the Friends of the IBA!! More info...

Recent Sightings: Snowy Owls in IBA




"Raptors at Risk"

thumbs_short-eared-owl-flight-121308_3-ge Click photo to view Friends of the IBA's award-winning video about the IBA and the endangered and at risk birds that depend on it for their survival! Produced by Kevin Ankeny.  Please take a few minutes to watch it, like it and share it with your friends! (Gordon Ellmers photo)
Special thanks to Gordon Ellmers for use of his photos on this website, and to Karen Chapman of Cummings Advertising Art for the terrific new Friends of the IBA logo!