Winter Raptor Festival Event Partners


Founded and Presented by:


Friends of the Washington County Grasslands Important Bird Area (IBA)

Friends of the IBA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to education about and conservation of endangered Short-eared Owls and other at-risk grassland birds and their habitat.

Your donations support FIBA’s education and conservation mission as we work with local landowners, concerned residents and government agencies to conserve critical habitat in the Washington County Grasslands.  A planned Grassland Bird Interpretive Center will allow us to expand educational and recreational programs, open trails, etc. so that local residents and visitors can see these amazing birds and experience this unique area for themselves! Learn more at:

FIBA Collaborations:


Adirondack Raptors

Adirondack Raptors is a private organization that monitors and studies raptor populations in the Adirondack Park with a goal of educating the public about these incredible creatures!

Licensed Master Falconer Mark Manske joined the regular Winter Raptor Fest line-up in 2013. His free flight raptor demos were a big hit, with some of the shows “standing room only!”  Adirondack Raptors is now a regular part of the Winter Raptor Fest lineup, and we hope to schedule a field trip to learn about and participate in some of Mark’s research in 2014.  Learn more about Adirondack Raptors at:

Adirondack Wildlife Refuge & Rehab Center (AWRRC)

Located in Wilmington, NY, the Adirondack Wildlife Refuge & Rehab Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to wildlife rehabilitation and education about wild animals and their habitats.   The facility is open year round, where you can tour the enclosures and learn about a variety of raptors, wolves, bear, and other wildlife.

AWRRC strongly supports Friends of the IBA’s work to conserve habitat for our endangered and imperiled grassland birds.   AWRRC is an important partner in FIBA educational outreach; their Live Bird of Prey educators have participated in every event and nearly every outreach program organized by FIBA since our inception! Visit AWRRC at:

Agricultural Stewardship Association (ASA)
The Agricultural Stewardship Association is a private, community supported non-profit land trust protecting valuable farmland in Washington and Rensselaer counties for future generations.  ASA actively promotes public awareness of farmland conservation and encourages policies which support and enhance agriculture.

ASA supports FIBA’s work to conserve critical habitat in the Washington County Grasslands and has offered to help guide Friends of the IBA through the land acquisition process. Visit ASA at:

Little Theater on the Farm 

The Little Theater on the Farm is a nonprofit committed to offering economical theater space for performers and educational programs so that local residents may increase their appreciation of the arts, area history, and the environment.

The farm owner welcomes FIBA field trips and allows bird watchers to use the parking area for viewing a variety of grassland birds when no events are going.  Visit LTF at:

New York State Wildlife Rehab Council (NYSWRC)

NYSWRC (pronounced “Nice Work!”) is a not-for-profit statewide organization working to promote professionalism in the field of wildlife rehabilitation and to provide wildlife rehabilitators with educational and technical support.

NYSWRC is an important partner in FIBA educational outreach; their Live Bird of Prey educators have participated in nearly every FIBA event since our inception! Visit NYSWRC at:

The Wildlife Institute of Eastern New York (TWIENY)

The Wildlife Institute of Eastern New York is a nonprofit 501(c)(3). The organization’s mission is to increase appreciation of the natural world through education. TWIENY fosters good environmental stewardship by introducing people to the wonders that surround them – often in their own backyards!

TWIENY is an important partner in FIBA educational outreach and has participated in every event and nearly every outreach program organized by FIBA since our inception! Visit TWIENY at:

Vermont Institute of Natural Science (VINS)

VINS is a highly regarded center of education, research & avian wildlife rehabilitation located in Quechee, Vermont.  Exhibits and activities, including raptor enclosures, shows and nature trails are open year round.

Live Bird of Prey educators from the Vermont Institute of Natural Science have been a welcome addition to Friends of the IBA’s Winter Raptor Fest since 2012.  A FIBA Member field trip to VINS that included a behind the scenes tour of the facility proved extremely popular and may added on an annual basis – check the event calendarVisit VINS at:

RSVP of Warren & Washington Counties
RSVP – Retired Senior Volunteer Program – is part of a national program that invites adults over 55 to use their life skills and experience to help neighbors in need.  Youth mentoring, providing emergency/disaster preparedness presentations and leading osteoporosis prevention classes are just a few of over 50 ways volunteers serve to strengthen their communities.

RSVP volunteers have helped at every Winter Raptor Fest since our founding and are integral to our success!  They also help at other FIBA events during the year and we appreciate their interest and support. Visit RSVP at:

Special thanks to:

  • Gordon Ellmers for use of his wonderful bird photography in promotional materials, on our website and in our web galleries!
  • Karen Chapman of Cummings Advertising Art for all the great pro bono graphic design on our posters and banner!
  • Jeff Nadler Nature Photography for use of the Northern Harrier photo on our Home Page!