Winter Raptor Fest 2014! 

March 29 & 30    

Winter Raptor Fest supports Friends of the IBA’s work to protect endangered Short-eared Owls and other at risk birds of the Washington County Grasslands Important Bird Area (IBA) and conserve their habitat.  

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 Admission FEE:  $5 kids 12 & under; $10 Adults

Gallup Ridge Farm is a working horse farm -

Please do not try to pet or feed the horses – some of them bite!

Please,   NO SMOKING    -  NO PETS

** traffic on Blackhouse Road will be One Way between the hours of
8 am & 5 pm  - please follow signs…**


(scroll to see program descriptions below schedule…)

Saturday, March 29

08:30AM – 10:00AM   Guided Snowshoe Walk - must pre-register!
- Your chance to encounter some of our endangered, threatened and at risk raptors in the wild and experience the thrill for yourself! (participation limited; see descr. below for contact)

Time: Presenter:

10:00 AM      New York State Wildlife Rehab Council (NYSWRC) – Kelly Martin

11:00 AM      Vermont Institute of Natural Science (VINS) – Hannah Putnam

12:00 PM      The Wildlife Institute of Eastern NY (TWIENY) – Trish Marki

12:50 PM      Welcome & Opening Remarks by Fort Edward Town Supervisor Mitch Suprenant,                          FIBA President & Director Laurie LaFond, NYS Senator Betty Little

01:00 PM     Adirondack Raptors – Mark Manske

02:00 PM      Adirondack Wildlife Refuge & Rehab Center (AWRRC) – Wendy Hall

03:00 PM      Vermont Institute of Natural Science (VINS) – Hannah Putnam

05:30PM       SHORT-EARED OWL WATCH - must pre-register!

The Washington County Grasslands Important Bird Area, or IBA, is critical to the survival of Short-eared Owls in New York State. There are less than 100 of these amazing owls left in the wild!   
(Participation limited.  See descr. below)

Sunday, March 30

NEW Activities by New York State DEC:  

Owl Tracking demo with New York State DEC wildlife biologist! – All Day
(go to DEC table)

11:00 AM – 12:30 PM   Guided walk with New York State DEC Wildlife Biologist
 Explore the Washington County Grasslands State Forest area off Blackhouse Road as you look for and learn about some of our endangered and threatened grassland birds!
Pre-register:  mjdelpue@gw.dec.state.ny.us or call: (518) 402-8907

AMKE_chicks-md-crop01:45 PM – Kestrel Box Installation with NYS DEC Wildlife Biologist
-  Learn how to install and monitor a Kestrel box, with building tips and info from the American Kestrel Partnership  as part of a Peregrine Fund project to reverse long term population declines of our smallest falcon! (about half an hour);  meet at the DEC table in the Exhibitor Barn. 
(week old nestlings) – photo by Marcelo J. del Puerto/NYSDEC 

Live Bird of Prey Programs:

11:00 AM      Vermont Institute of Natural Science (VINS) – Hannah Putnam

12:00 PM      The Wildlife Institute of Eastern NY (TWIENY) – Trish Marki

01:00 PM      Adirondack Raptors – Mark Manske

02:00 PM      Adirondack Wildlife Refuge & Rehab Center (AWRRC) – Daniel Alempejevic

03:00 PM      Vermont Institute of Natural Science (VINS) – Hannah Putnam

NEW this year in the Exhibitor Barn:  

  • “For the Birds” Gift Shop - Winter Raptor Fest apparel, gifts, etc. 
  • Raptor Photo Booth – $5; have your photo taken with a Live Bird of Prey! 
  • Dr. Gordon Ellmers will sign prints of his photos from 12 – 2 both days! (100% of proceeds benefit Friends of the IBA!)
  • RAFFLE chance to win great prizes!

Snowy Owl on barn

Lant Hill Farm view







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Friends of the Washington County Grasslands IBA…

thanks you for your interest in Winter Raptor Fest and the endangered and at risk birds of the Washington County Grasslands!  Opening remarks and a brief summary of our upcoming projects and goals TBA…


WRF 2013, courtesy Connie Bush

Adirondack Raptors
Masters of the Air” by Mark Manske

Free flight demos highlight this fascinating look at how raptors interact with their environment!  Mark is a licensed Master Falconer who likes to fly his birds when he isn’t teaching Raptor Ecology at Paul Smith’s or high school science.  Mark will share fascinating insights into the world of raptors from his work hunting beside his birds and his field research on Saw-whet Owls, American Kestrels and threatened Northern Harriers.


Bald Eagle, courtesy Gordon Ellmers

Bald Eagle, courtesy Gordon Ellmers

Adirondack Wildlife Refuge & Rehab Center
“Fisher Kings: Bald Eagles & Ospreys in the Wild”
by Wendy Hall

Learn about similarities and differences between these two species, the challenges they’ve overcome and the threats they face.  Director Wendy Hall shares insights into their behavior and personal stories from her own experience as a licensed educator and wildlife rehabilitator.


Short-eared Owl,  courtesy Gordon Ellmers

New York State Wildlife Rehab Council 
“Wildlife Challenges & Raptor Rehab”
by Kelly Martin

Learn about some of our most endangered and threatened raptors and the fascinating world of Wildlife Rehabilitation.  NYSWRC President, Live Bird of Prey Educator & Wildlife Rehabilitator Kelly Martin introduces you to a variety of owls, hawks and falcons and the challenges of healing and returning injured raptors to the wild (the ultimate goal of Wildlife Rehab!).


Trish w Snowy Owl - LL_4224
The Wildlife Institute of Eastern New York

“Raptors of Open Spaces” by Trish Marki

Grasslands are the fastest disappearing habitat in the U.S.!  Meet the owls, hawks and falcons that inhabit North America’s wide open spaces… from the threatened raptors of the Washington County Grasslands in New York State to the majestic Snowy Owl of the Arctic Tundra to the native falcons of the southwest’s vanishing prairies. Learn about the challenges these incredible birds face and what you can do to help.



photo courtesy Mike Duncan
photo courtesy Mike Duncan

Vermont Institute of Natural Science (VINS)
“Free Flight: The Natural World through the eyes of Raptors”
by Hannah Putnam

Join VINS educators in an engaging presentation that explores the natural world through the eyes of a variety of raptors.  Discover what it takes for raptors to survive in the wild and gain a deeper appreciation for their beauty and agility in our free-flight demonstrations.  VINS is a highly regarded center of education, research & wildlife rehabilitation located in Quechee, Vermont.


Peregrine Falcon, Gordon Ellmers

Peregrine Falcon, Gordon Ellmers

Adirondack Wildlife Refuge & Rehab Center

“Falcons: Rulers of the Sky!”
by Daniel Alempejevic & Jonas Borkholder

Peregrine Falcons have been clocked at over 200 mph in dives!  See and learn about our North American Falcons, from the dove-sized American Kestrel to the impressive Gyrfalcon of the arctic and northern Canada.




Guided Bird Walks  -

Your chance to see and learn more about the birds and their habitat!

*Group size is limited – MUST PRE-REGISTER!

FEE:  Non-Member*:  $5 Adults     Kids:  FREE     Member:  FREE 
*fee can be applied to annual Membership of $10 for Individuals, $20 for families

SATURDAY a.m  – Look for and learn to identify At Risk and common grassland birds with avid birders and Friends of the IBA outings leaders Rich Speidel and Bo Harris.  Hawks, Falcons, Eastern Bluebird, Mockingbird and many more!  Eastern Meadowlarks are even possible.
Call Rich at 518 623-2587 to register 

SATURDAY p.m  - your chance to join Friends of the IBA Board Members and some of our Live Bird of Prey educators as we look for the IBA’s endangered Short-eared Owls and other raptors.  Sightings of threatened Northern Harriers and wintering Rough-legged Hawks are common.

Call Rich at 518 623-2587 to register 

Sleigh or Wagon Rides (11am – 3pm) – both days!

Children’s Activities

Make and take crafts and games with Queensbury Girl scouts, Wilton Wildlife Preserve & Park, NYS D.E.C. Five Rivers Environmental Education Center, World Awareness Children’s Museum (GO), Friends of the IBA and more!


Food Concessions 

- Meme’s Snack Shack:  offering a variety of hot and cold food and drinks, & great chili!

- Harry’s Hot Dogs: hot dogs, sausage, keilbasa, nachos, soda

- Bake Sale: Little Theater on the Farm

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Places to Stay for the weekend,
 Washington County Maple Weekend and other attractions & activities… 

Historic Inn of Fort Edward - a newly restored inn closest to Winter Raptor Fest!
Lant Hill Farm B & B -  chalet style B & B on a working organic farm – not far from the IBA!

Oliva Vineyards - this beautiful vineyard and Thoroughbred Horse Farm is located in the IBA on Route 4 in Fort Edward… wine tastings available, call for hours.